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Legal Video Depositions

When you need legal video, deposition services or court reporting in Los Angeles – call the best

To ensure an accurate record of your deposition, a legal videographer is an additional tool to preserve your record in a digital format and is an essential part of the litigation process. Our in-house legal video deposition specialists offer state-of-the-art services, including DVD, MPEG1, MPEG4, or synchronized to the text with hyperlinked exhibits and trial presentation testimony for courtroom playbacks.

Legal video is an essential part of the litigation process. Not only does it capture the moment on video, but also every inflection, body language, emotion and hesitancy that would not be caught in written testimony. Legal video depositions can also reveal discriminating signs of inaccuracy that would otherwise go undetected in a written transcript (body language). Video depositions can be the key to winning your case. Legal video depositions are an effective presentation with the simultaneous written transcript line per line during playback of the videotape to the jury.

We also combine video conferencing with videotaped depositions to present your witnesses from across the country and the world with video clips to effectively demonstrate key points of testimony.

There are many advantages to using videotaped depositions. If an expert witness is not available during trial or a witness is ill or unavailable, in some jurisdictions the videotaped depositions may be presented by video to the jury, even if that person is available to testify in person.

Videographers can also be utilized to keep a person honest to show discrepancies of statements made in the courtroom and statements made during the deposition videotaped deposition testimony, which can be played back to the jury and shown to impeach the witness. The video clips is an effective visualization of a witness’s behavior rather than the written transcript for the jury to see. Also, the camera keeps the proceedings moving forward at a quickened speed in your favor.We cover the following areas: Los Angeles, Beverly Hills in Beverly Hills, California, Century City, Burbank, Santa Monica, Encino, Marina Del Rey, Pasadena, Torrance and San Diego, California. We’re minutes from LAX and Burbank airports. View our Locations page for more information.

Our highly skilled court reporters, coupled with our professional legal video depositions are the perfect winning combination. We are the agency out-of-state attorneys use the most when in Los Angeles, CA.

California Code 06 Civil Procedure Rules and Regulations for video depositions can be found here: CCR2025.230(c)

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When you need legal video deposition services or court reporting in Los Angeles – call the best.

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