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Court Reporting Services

Our Court Reporting Services include complimentary conference locations in the Los Angeles area to serve you. We are two blocks from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), in the heart of Century City and Beverly Hills in Beverly Hills, California near Cedars-Sinai and UCLA Medical Centers, near Burbank Airport, Torrance, San Diego, and many other locations.

We are experienced in court reporting and producing transcripts for medical, personal injury, workers’ compensation cases. Contact LA Court Reporting Services when you need excellence in court reporting for medical cases in the Los Angeles, California area. Our clients consider us to be medical deposition experts. We hire only the best – every court reporter is hand-picked using a thorough interview and testing process.

Our transcripts are produced electronically in all formats for your convenience, PDF, Summation, ASCII, full-sized and condensed sent by e-mail or on a CD. The exhibits are also scanned and linked. No more worrying about finding exhibits or carrying transcripts and exhibits around.Click on the word Exhibit, and the corresponding marked exhibit pops up for review.

Please call to speak to our Video Conferencing professionals to schedule your next video conference deposition in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.Our Video Conferencing services include scheduling at locations nationally or internationally. We have a convenient location near you! LA Reporters proudly presents Cloud Technology to bridge different video conference locations across the country. Enjoy true quality video conference depositions at a reasonable price.

Legal video is an essential part of the litigation process. Not only does it capture the moment on video, but also every inflection, body language, emotion and hesitancy that would not be caught in written testimony. Legal video depositions can also reveal discriminating signs of inaccuracy that would otherwise go undetected in a written transcript. Video depositions can be the key to winning your case. Digital Video Depositions are an effective presentation with the simultaneous written transcript and videotape.

Receive Digital Synchronized Video Transcripts and Linked Exhibits all on one DVD. View the video and transcript simultaneously. The video and deposition transcript is a courtroom ready MPEG1, synchronized. The LEF format imports into LiveNote software for reviewing, entering annotations, creating clips, and sending to your choice of trial presentation software. Contact us to handle your reporting and digital synchronized video depositions in the Los Angeles, California area.

Internet Streaming combined with Videotaped Depositions is a powerful tool for your experts to participate in depositions from any location worldwide to view the deposition, see the transcript as it is transcribed by the court reporter, and hear the audio stream through the videographer’s feed, all at a fraction of the cost for video conference depositions. The days of passing notes are over. Your team of experts can participate and communicate with Chat or Instant Messaging.

Take advantage of our realtime depositions. By using our state-of-the-art technology, you can review your transcript while depositions are taking place.

We offer LiveNote to help you access, explain, and examine transcripts, as well as use interactive realtime transcript feeds, and every court reporter that uses LiveNote is LiveNote certified.

We offer LiveNote Realtime Internet service – LiveNote RT in your location as well as ours. LiveNote’s Realtime Internet Service enables LiveNote users to receive realtime transcript text wherever they are. You can receive the transcript as it happens, either face-to-face (using a serial connection) or via the Internet across the world.

For your convenience, we offer Minuscripts, condensed transcripts. We can condense 4 full pages of transcript onto one page, double-sided, and key word indexes.

We offer e-transcripts with linked exhibits as a more efficient way to deliver, view, search and print your transcripts. Our e-transcripts will help you to utilize your time more efficiently and manage your transcripts with ease.

Our highly skilled court reporters, coupled with our court certified legal video professionals, are the perfect winning combination. We are the agency out-of-state attorney’s use the most when in Los Angeles, CA.

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  • Arbitration, Conference Reporting

When you need legal video deposition services or court reporting in Los Angeles – call the best.

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